2hr family fun fishing charter

$300 - Includes up to 4 people on a 2hr, catch and release fun fishing excursion at one of our local spots. Great for beginners and younger anglers who want to get their first taste of fishing without the long commitment!

Half day Fishing charter - 4hrs

$500 - Includes up to 4 people

3/4 DAY fishing CHARTER - 6hrs

$700 - Includes up to 4 people

FULL DAY fishing CHARTER - 8hrs

$900 - Includes up to 4 people

Night Tarpon Charter

$600 - Includes up to 4 people on a 4 hour late evening or early morning charter (April, May & June only - times vary).


$125/hr - 2 hour minimum. Includes up to 4 people. Explore Everglades National Park searching for birds, dolphins, manatees, crocodiles and other unique wildlife. 


Your charter includes the boat, fuel, captain, cooler with ice, bait and tackle with fishing licenses for up to 4 passengers.  All you need to bring is what you want to eat and drink – oh, and don’t forget your lotion type sunscreen – please, no spray sunscreen!  Hats and polarized sunglasses are also recommended as they make seeing beneath the surface of the water much easier.

Charter times begin and end depending on the adventure you choose.  General start times are 7:00-8:00am for morning trips and noon-1:00pm for afternoon trips.

A $100 deposit is required when making advance reservations (prior to 7 days before your requested charter date).  This can be in the form of a credit card or personal check and will be held until the day of your charter.  The remaining balance may be paid after your adventure.

Cancellation Policy:  Your deposit will be refunded to you upon cancellation prior to 7 days before your charter date.  If you cancel within 7 days of your scheduled trip or don’t show up, your deposit will be forfeited.  We appreciate you understanding our commitment to you!


Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to bring?  Food and beverage of your choice.  Hat, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen lotion (no spray stuff).  If it’s raining or cold, bring a jacket. (Pro Tip: Apply sunscreen lotion BEFORE you get to the boat! This allows the sunscreen to soak in to your cool skin before you start sweating, making it much more effective)

Where can I get food for our trip?  The Trading Post at Mile Marker 81.5 on the bayside is a great local grocery with a terrific deli.  You can even pre-order sandwiches the night before and pick them up the morning of your trip (they actually prefer that).  Midway Cafe is another great breakfast spot that's right across the street from Angler House Marina and opens at 7am. Great coffee! They will also make boat lunches to order.

Do I need a fishing license?  No.  My boat carries a license for up to four anglers (not including me – I have to have my own!)

What if I need to use the restroom?  If you’re a guy, it goes without saying….pick the downwind side of the boat and let it fly!  For the ladies, though, we have options depending on how ‘salty’ you are!  Either way, don’t worry – we’ll work it out.

Will I get seasick?  Most of the places we’ll fish will be either calm or ‘choppy’ depending on the wind.  Rarely do I find us in rolling seas that promote seasickness.  However, if you feel even the least bit uncomfortable, we’ll move to a different location immediately.

Do we fish if it’s raining or windy?  Safety is a priority.  If there are severe storms in the area or if the wind is out of control, I’ll suggest we delay or try to reschedule the trip.  There’s no sense in going out and being uncomfortable, and I will never put us in danger.  But if it’s just a little rain, let’s go – the fish are already wet!

What should I wear?  Dress for the weather.  Most of us who live and work on the water tend to wear quick-dry clothing knowing that at some point during the day, we’ll get wet. A hat and polarized sunglasses are also prerequisites, especially for sight fishing.  Non-marking or boat friendly shoes are also recommended – you can always take them off!

Where are you located?  My boat lives at Angler House Marina in the heart of Islamorada – 80500 Overseas Highway (or Mile Marker 80.5 on the bayside).

What forms of payment do you accept?  I have a Square reader on my phone which enables me to accept Visa, MC, Discover & Amex.  I’ll also accept personal checks and of course, cash!

How much should I tip?  Gratuities are never expected but greatly appreciated. If you think your captain did a good job, and made every effort to make your trip as enjoyable as possible, you might consider rewarding those efforts.  15% – 20% is standard.